2018 WVPA Committee Structure

The Chairs of the WVPA Standing Committees and Task Forces meet in the Spring and Fall to report to the Board of Directors and members of the West Virginia Psychological Association. In 2018 we plan to formally request a change to the Bylaws to reflect a new committee structure. Our hope is that this change will improve efficiency and engagement. All former (2016 Bylaws) committees will be subsumed in this structure, with ample opportunity for collaboration among committee members and chairs. If you are a member with an interest in joining a committee, please contact info@wvpsychology.org.



Association Management: Past President, Nominating, Finance, Communications, Continued Education, & Conference Program.  The committee will:

  • Solicit nominations for vacant board & committee chair positions
  • Serve as the management body for committee functions
    • Develops WVPA’s annual budget
    • Monitors budget position and recommends adjustments, as needed
    • Develops a strategic plan for increasing revenue
    • Presents budget to WVPA members
  • Foster the relationship between the board and committee chairs/members
  • Plan and implement programs and conferences
    • Insures that programs presented/co-sponsored by WVPA meet criteria set by the American Psychological Association (APA) for continuing education for psychologists
    • Develops schedule and location for all conferences
    • Coordinates selection of speakers for workshops and banquets
    • Markets workshops


Membership: ECP, Membership, & Colleges/schools. The committee members will focus on recruitment and retention in the following areas:

  • Overall membership
  • ECP membership
    • Helps new professionals gain access to networking opportunities with WVPA
    • Provides general information about the field of psychology in our state
    • Maintains resources summarizing job listings, career opportunities and career development
    • Offers a source of support for psychologists as they transition from students to supervised psychologists to licensed psychologists
    • Advances the relationship between the WVPA and ECPs in West Virginia.
  • Colleges/University membership
    • Encourages student and faculty involvement in WVPA
    • Establishes peer networks throughout the state
    • Disseminates WVPA News/Issues to academic and student communities
    • Works to encourage collegial support and communication among faculty and students
    • Task force on Internship Development
  • Public Sector membership
  • Diverse membership
    • Task Force on Diversity
    • Civility Ambassador


Governmental Affairs: State, Federal & Rural.  The committee will focus on matters related to government policies and practices affecting psychologists and disseminating that information to association members.

  • Federal Government Affairs
    • Works with American Psychological Association Practice Directorate to monitor and advocate for federal legislative initiatives that impact health, mental health, and psychologists
    • Develops relationships with West Virginia Congressional Delegates to consult, educate, and advocate for pertinent legislation
  • State Government Affairs
    • Aids development and dissemination of information regarding the nature and impact of psychological services on psychologists and psychological service recipients
    • Assesses and communicates the impact of governmental laws, regulations and policies on psychologists and psychological service recipients
  • Rural Practice Affairs
  • Business of Practice Affairs
    • Business of Practice Chair is a part of a network overseen by the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP) and supported by the staff of Practice Directorate of the American Psychological Association.
    • Networks with other psychologists to strategically position psychology in a leadership role within the behavioral health market place.
    • Develops strong collaborative relationships with corporate third party purchasers.
    • Assists members better understand market place changes and be proactive in meeting challenges that arise.
    • Provides one article a year relative to BOPN for publication in the WVPA Newsletter
  • Communications


State Assistance: Disaster, Business of Practice, Colleague Assistance, & Professional Practice. Chaired by the colleague assistance member.  The committee will focus on matters related to providing assistance to members or to the public.


  • Disaster response
    • Provides training opportunities to assist psychologists in developing and enhancing skills in crisis intervention and crisis management, relative to disasters.
    • Develops an ongoing network of providers who could help in times of emergencies, both state and national.
    • Collaborates with/provide services to direct responders and post-disaster victims.
  • Colleague assistance
    • Confidentially assists and aids WVPA members in issues germane to practice (e.g., ethics, practice standards, procedures)
    • Confidential assistance for other sensitive personal/professional issues in which peer consultation is desired or required.
  • Substance Abuse Taskforce
  • Child Abuse Taskforce