Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) include individuals who have completed thier educational requirements and are within the first seven years of clinical practice. The West Virginia Psychological Association (WVPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) recognize and address the unique challenges and developmental needs of this group by offering focused support and resources.

WVPA’s Early Career Psychologist Committee (ECPC)

In order to support ECPs in West Virginia, WVPA has formed an Early Career Psychologist Committee. The goals of the committee are:

  • to help new professional gain access to networking opportunities with WVPA and make other professional connections;
  • provide general information about the field of psychology in West Virginia;
  • maintain resources summarizing job listings, career opportunities and career development; and
  • offer a source of support for those transitioning from “student/traineer” to “supervised psychologist,” and from “supervised psychologist” to licensed psychologist.”

For information on how to get involved in the ECP Committee, please contact ECP Committe Chair Dr. Emily Selby-Nelson.

WVPA ECP member benefits

  • WVPA and APA provide support to ECPs through efforts made by their Early Career Psychologist Committees.
  • ECPs receive access to a number of resources and support that facilitate the transition from student to supervised psychologist to licensed psychologist/professional.
  • ECP membership in WVPA offers access to various opportunities for networking, collaboration, additional training and guidance to better your practice and professional development.
  • ECPs receive discounts on their WVPA membership fees and spring and fall conference registration fees.

As the ECPC develops, we are looking forward to the following additions and benefits to WVPA ECP members:

  • WVPA ECP mentorship program with opportunities to consult and collaborate with established psychologists in various professional roles;
  • Peer mentorship connections at the annual WVPA ECP meeting as part of the fall conference;
  • Clinician’s tool kit with resources and forms to facilitiate early career practice;
  • Licensure resources and support; and
  • EPPP tips and useful source here.

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