2018 WVPA Committee Structure

Improving Systems in WVPA: Committee Restructuring

The Chairs of the WVPA Standing Committees and Task Forces meet in the Spring and Fall to report to the Board of Directors and members of the West Virginia Psychological Association. In 2018 a Bylaws revision was passed to reflect a new committee structure, improving efficiency and engagement. All former (2016 Bylaws) committees will be subsumed in this structure, with ample opportunity for collaboration among committee members and chairs. If you are a member with an interest in joining a committee, please contact info@wvpsychology.org.


Year-End Committee Updates (11/2018)

*Updates in italics, 11/7/2018

Association Management Committee: Past President, Nominating, Finance, Communications, Continued Education, & Conference Program.

  • Solicit nominations for vacant board & committee chair positions
    • Dr. Luzier will be soliciting nominees for open Board positions in Feb 2019
  • Serve as the management body for committee functions
    • Develops WVPA’s annual budget
      • WVPA continues to enjoy stable financial health. Our Treasurer, Dr. Walker-Matthews has been very successful in implementing system upgrades. The financial audit report is complete and was presented to the WVPA Board of Directors at their meeting in October 2018, and it illustrated no significant problems. Recommendations from the audit have already been implemented. 
    • Monitors budget position and recommends adjustments, as needed
    • Develops a strategic plan for increasing revenue
    • Presents budget to WVPA members
      • Reviewed to 100+ members at the 2018 Fall Conference Business Meeting on October 12, 2018.
  • Foster the relationship between the board and committee chairs/members
    • Committee and Board leaders played an active role in the 2018 Fall Conference. Reports were presented at both the Board of Director’s meeting and the Business Meeting, including progress on goals/targets for each committee throughout the year. We are very excited about the momentum over the last year. 
  • Plan and implement programs and conferences
    • Insures that programs presented/co-sponsored by WVPA meet criteria set by the American Psychological Association (APA) for continuing education for psychologists
      • Dr. Burum has been working with Program Chair and leadership to ensure our programming is meeting all standards. 
    • Develops schedule and location for all conferences
      • Spring 2019: April 5, WVU Natural Resource Center in Morgantown, WV
      • Fall 2019, Dr. Burum is finalizing arrangements for the Charleston Conference Center at the Holiday Inn in Charleston, WV
    • Coordinates selection of speakers for workshops and banquets
      • Plans are well underway for Program development at the 2019 Spring Conference in Morgantown with Chair, Jen Mills Price.
    • Markets workshops

Membership: ECP, Membership, & Colleges/schools.

  • Overall membership
    • WVPA has reached its highest membership numbers in years – as of October 2018 we had 115+ members in our organization!
    • Dr. Cox and Dr. Wallace have provided outreach and promotion to psychologists and faculty members at WVU-Morgantown. 
    • Plans are underway for more outreach during the 2019 Membership drive beginning in Dec 2019.
  • ECP membership
    • Helps new professionals gain access to networking opportunities with WVPA
    • Provides general information about the field of psychology in our state
    • Maintains resources summarizing job listings, career opportunities and career development
    • Offers a source of support for psychologists as they transition from students to supervised psychologists to licensed psychologists
    • Advances the relationship between the WVPA and ECPs in West Virginia.
    • Drs. Selby-Nelson and Wallace have been working together to transition leadership of this committee in 2019. 
    • Dr. Becky Denning hosted the ECP Mixer Event at the 2018 Fall Conference.
  • Diverse membership
    • Dr. Shelia Robinett is chairing the WVPA Task Force on Diversity and serving as the WVPA Civility Ambassador at our meetings.
    • Dr. Robinett and Dr. Beard co-presented at the 2018 Fall Conference on LGBTQ people in the Military. 
    • Dr. Robinett continues to work toward legislative efforts (including the ban on Conversion therapy), recruitment of diverse candidates for leadership positions in WVPA.
    • An LGBTQ Resource Guide was added to the WVPA website. 
  • Colleges/University membership
  • Public Sector membership

Governmental Affairs: State, Federal & Rural. While this outlines committee tasks, please see our “Legislative” page for more information!

  • Federal Government Affairs – Dr. Rebecca Denning will be taking over as Federal Advocacy Coordinator for WVPA in 2019. She and outgoing FAC, Dr. Jess Luzier, met to discuss continued progress in our state and communications about federal policy/legislation notable for psychologists. 
    • Works with American Psychological Association Practice Directorate to monitor and advocate for federal legislative initiatives that impact health, mental health, and psychologists
    • Develops relationships with West Virginia Congressional Delegates to consult, educate, and advocate for pertinent legislation
  • State Government Affairs – Dr. Scott Fields has led the charge for WVPA when it comes to state policy and advocacy. 
    • Aids development and dissemination of information regarding the nature and impact of psychological services on psychologists and psychological service recipients
    • Assesses and communicates the impact of governmental laws, regulations and policies on psychologists and psychological service recipients
  • Communications
    • Chaired by Dr. Jennie Hughes, this committee has expanded WVPA’s social media presence with an active Facebook page and regular, timely posts relevant to psychologist members.
    • With the help of Drs. Hughes, Luzier, Rutherford, and Bert Hoopes, WVPA released its first episode of Appalachia: On the Mind!
    • Dr. Hughes presented at the 2018 Fall Conference on psychologists and politics.
    • Dr. Aaron Williams is the WVPA Public Education Chair, and will be rolling out resources from APA’s Campaign: Mind Health Body.
  • Rural Practice Affairs
  • Business of Practice Affairs

State Assistance: Disaster, Business of Practice, Colleague Assistance, & Professional Practice.

  • Colleague assistance
    • Led by Drs. Weisenmuller and Canady, the CAC developed a survey for stakeholders (psychologists, members of the Board of Examiners, etc) to better understand the needs of psychologists in WVPA
    • This committee, including a graduate student member, presented a 3-hour Ethics workshop at the 2018 Fall Conference on Well-Being and Competent Practice.
  • Substance Abuse Taskforce
    • Please see our “Legislative” page for more updates!
  • Child Abuse Joint Taskforce
    • Dr. Mills-Price has been leading this Task Force, which has offered high quality CE workshops regarding child abuse at the 2017 and 2018 Fall conference. 
  • Disaster response