The Board of Directors meets quarterly and is comprised of the elected officers and directors. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.

Billy Rutherford, Psy.D. President (2023)

Brittany Canady, Ph.D., ABPPImmediate Past-President (2023)

Chantel Weisenmuller, Ph.D. APA Council Representative (2022-2024)

Justin Gibson, M.S. Student Representative (2022-2023)

Keith Beard, Ph.D. Treasurer (2021-2023)

Allissa Caudill, Psy.D. Secretary (2022-2024)

Shelia Robinett, Psy.D. Diversity Representative-at-Large (2022-2023)

Rob Roff, Ph.D. Representative at Large (2022-2023)

David Oxley, Psy.D. ECP Representative-at-Large (2023-2024)