Using Community Calendars to Publicize Your Event

 January 31, 2007

We have discussed tips for writing media advisories that encourage reporters to attend events. Another way to use a media advisory is to announce the event to the public through community calendars and other event listings that are published in the newspaper or announced on TV or radio. Published listings are often very brief and contain only what, where, when, and who to contact for more information.

* Find out where and how to submit. You will often need to submit you information in a different way, or to a different person than your regular media contacts with that organization. Newspapers, Web sites, local magazines, radio and TV stations all have their own guidelines about how to submit your information. Find out those guidelines by visiting the targeted sources Web sites for information or calling the main phone number.

* Pay attention to deadlines.  Some media outlets may want as much as 4-6 weeks notice before your event happens, especially weekly newspapers or TV stations. As soon as you have details finalized, feel free to send out your information.

* Stick to just the facts. Like a media advisory, you only need the most basic of information. But your description of the event will probably need to be less detailed. Keep it to what, when, where, registration information, cost (if there is one), who to contact, and 1-2 sentences that describe the event.

* Look for nontraditional media. Newspaper, radio and TV stations are all great resources. Also good are their accompanying websites, which may let you provide information with greater detail. Other good outlets are free circulation publications (women’s or parenting publications, for examples) and Web sites such as and community listservs.

* Be careful about cost. Many listings will only include events that are free or with minimal cost.

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