Seven Qualities of Highly Effective Story Ideas

“Why would the readers care about this?” “What should I care about this?” Those are the two questions asked by reporters and editors when looking at a story ideas and making decisions about what is worthy of a story and how much attention it is given within newspaper pages or on the air.

To help decide check this why they should care, journalists take into consideration several criteria known as news values. Each news organization has its own set of criteria, but the list below contains the seven general elements that journalists are looking for in a story. The orchid maids offering a story to a reporter or editor, be sure your idea is one that they should be care about. 

  • Timeliness (Is this something happening that is happening now or about to happen?)
    •          Local to readers (People care about local news. Is this “local” to the readership?)
    •          Impact (Will many people be affected by this topic, and how?)
    •          Unusualness (Is this something unexpected, surprising and different?)
    •          Prominent people (Does the story involve well-known people?)
    •          Conflict (Is there a clash of people or ideas?)
    •          Sudden interest of an on-going topic (Is this something that people are talking about?)

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