• Dear WVPA colleagues,

    On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, I am pleased to present the call for proposals for the 2019 Fall Conference.

    2019 WVPA Fall Conference Friday & Saturday, October 25th & 26th Holiday Inn and Suites 400 Second Avenue Charleston, WV


    Submission Deadline: July 6, 2019

    Conference Theme

    The 2019 WVPA Fall Conference, "Psychologists as Citizens,” will address how we as psychologists contribute to our communities beyond our day-to-day work through public service, volunteerism, activism, and more. Conference programming will focus on how we can and do draw from psychological principles and psychological science to benefit our communities. We also seek to highlight how psychologists work collaboratively with other disciplines to contribute to client and community well-being, both in our roles as professionals and as members of our respective communities across West Virginia.

    The conference aim is to develop capacity for citizenship through self-reflection, appreciation of sociocultural diversity, utilization of psychological science, and thoughtful application of the Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct. This conference will prepare attendees for community leadership and reinforce attendee’s ongoing efforts in their communities. The conference and attendees will create a learning and consultation environment that will promote the sharing of innovative and evidence-based interventions. Practical tools, innovative and evidence-based approaches will be offered through experiential workshops, learning symposia, and conversations to inspire conference attendees to bring psychology to decision making on community programming, legislation, and other processes that have the potential to improve the lives of all West Virginians.

    Presentation Categories

    Experiential Workshop: In a 1.5 hour workshop, the facilitator/s combine didactics and experiential exercises that foster learning. Although knowledge is covered, the crux of the topic is learning through doing. The exercises should be transferable to a variety of clinical settings so that attendees can share them with their respective professional settings.

    Roundtable Conversation: In a 1.5 hour workshop, the facilitator/s introduce an important topic that impacts professional and health service psychology. Along with didactics, specific questions will be prepared by the facilitator/s to contribute to group conversations that invite depth and an atmosphere of genuine dialogue.

    Symposium: In a 3 hour session, two or three presentations are given around a common theme. An expert discussant may provide feedback. A symposium proposal submission must include one program summary that integrates the multiple presentations within the session, and must contain no more than three presentations. It must clearly indicate the titles and contents of each presentation within the symposium. No individual proposals for symposium presentations are accepted.

    Guidelines for All Proposals

    All proposals may be submitted online at https://wvpsychology.org/ and should include the following:

    Lead author name, degree, and place of employment or school affiliation

    Contact name for the lead author (email and phone number)

    Names, degrees, and places of employment or school affiliation of additional authors

    Title of proposal – for Symposia, each title submitted

    An abstract describing the content and method of the presentation (300 words or less, 150 words or less for poster)

    2-3 learning objectives (CE requirement)

    CV for all authors (CE requirement)

    Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the WVPA Fall Conference Planning Committee and selected based on the following criteria:

    Topic choice and its relevance to conference theme

    Membership appeal

    Generalizability of presentation content to membership

    Methodology/mode of inquiry

    Innovation and creativity

    Contribution to the field

    The conference planning committee may ask submitters to consider altering the format of their submission to best accommodate conference program scheduling. Submission decisions will be sent via email by August 1, 2019. For those selected for inclusion, individual authors will be contacted to provide additional information needed for CE approval. Presentations will be assigned date (October 25th or 26th) and time based on programming schedule need.
  • Presenter(s) Information

  • Best number to contact on day of presentation
  • Up to 300 words.

  • By the end of the session, participants should be able to focus on measurable and observable outcomes. Remember to use SMART Guidelines (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound). Additional guidance http://www.apa.org/ed/sponsor/resources/objectives.pdf.

  • Verbs to Consider Using: ●list, ●describe, ●recite, ●write ●compute, ●discuss, ●explain, ●predict ●apply, ●demonstrate, ●prepare, ●use ●analyze, ●design, ●select, ●utilize ●compile, ●create, ●plan, ●revise ●assess, ●compare, ●rate, ●critique

  • Verbs to Avoid Using: Do not use terms like ●Understand, ●Know, ●Learn, ●Appreciate, ●Become Familiar With, ●Become Aware Of
  • Please write a brief professional biography for each speaker. This information will be listed in the conference brochure.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.